Артикул: KIDDO
Производитель: PERFECT
KIDDO - Dental Endo small rotary files for kids

KIDDO - Dental Endo small rotary files for kids

We provide this product in Silver and Gold, and the gold one has been heat-treated.

    Silver    Conventional NiTi, tough blade, great efficiency

    Gold    Heat-treated, increased cyclic fatigue resistance, enhanced flexibility

Operation Sequence:
Prepare straight line access to canal orifice. 

Explore the canal using small-sized hand files, determine working length, verify patency and confirm a smooth, reproducible glide path.  

Expand the glide path using a #15 hand file or an equivalently sized dedicated ET File. 

Use the X1 File(17/04) in an outward brushing manner to passively progress inward. Continue in one or more passes until working length is reached.  

Use X2 (25/06) exactly as described for X1 until working length is reached.  

Inspect the apical flutes of the X2 file. If they are loaded with dentin, then the shape is cut, 

the correspondingly sized gutta-percha master cone or size verifier may be fitted, and the canal is ready for disinfection. 

Alternatively, gauge the foramen with a Ni-Ti 25# hand file and—if this File is snug at length—the canal is shaped and ready for disinfection.  

If the Ni-Ti #25 hand file is loose at length,then continue shaping with the X3 (30/07), gauging after each instrument with Ni-Ti #30 hand files.

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